I’m so cranky this morning.  Like extra super crank.  I’m sure we can chalk it up to hormones right?  🙂

A little while back I posted a fundraiser for a woman who was trying to raise money to pay for a fertility treatment.  I checked it out again just now; curious to see how much money she raised.  It’s been a little while so I expected to see quite a bit of money there.

(And yes, I did donate.  🙂  I donated under my legal name.  Not my pen name.)

She raised a whopping $190.00 out of $4,000.


Here’s what I don’t understand.  Why is it that we find it more important to donate our hard earned cash to a guy who wants to make potato salad, but no one cares about a woman wanting to become a mother in the only way available to her?

The potato salad guy on Kickstarter wrote “I’m making potato salad.”

He was donated over 50k towards his potato salad making venture.  WHAT?!


And yet, this girl who has a legitimate medical problem can’t get funding to become a mother?

Know why?  It’s obvious.

Having infertility isn’t funny.  The vast percentage of humanity doesn’t care about something unless it’s funny or morbid.

People come in droves towards terrible tragedies, and to things that are hilarious.


Apparently, Ms. Jones in the fundraiser needs to figure out how to make her infertility hilarious, or bring up the gore a notch right?  I mean, maybe we could make t-shirts of angry cartoon clams with signs that say,

“Help fix my angry clam!”  or maybe she could film an in depth drama of her ovaries  depicted as people and their terrible fights with her body.  I think I’m onto something!  That would get funding right?  She should just suck up her pride, sadness, and humility for the sake of her future children right?  That’s what people want right?  We should give people what they want so we can get what we want…right?

No.  Wrong.  So wrong.

It’s people that need to sort out their priorities.

I don’t know how to change cynical people.  Or people who think that potato salad is more important.

All I know is that behavior like this makes me cranky.




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