Cassidy Stay

If you recognize this name, then you know what is associated with it.  Tragedy.  Let me start out by saying I am going to start off with something happy.

At my book signing on Mother’s Day weekend, a craft fair was taking place outside of the book store.  At the beginning of the signing a young teenage girl came bounding into the store excited to ask me about my book.  Her mother was working at the craft fair.  I gave her the details of the premise of my book, and she listened with an eager expression on her face.  She talked about how much she loved reading, and even more so reading young adult novels.

She literally made my day with her enthusiasm to read my novel, and her vibrant nature.  She ran outside, talked to her mother and came back ecstatic that her mother had given her the money to buy my book.  We talked for about twenty minutes about young adult novels while she perused my website on the tablet.  Afterwards she came back in before they all left and handed me her business card for Origami Owl jewelry.  I signed her book, and added her name to my newsletter, excited to have a fan in my book’s age group.


I’m sure you’ve seen it in on Facebook lately.  The terrible Massacre of the Stay family in Spring, TX.  It sickens me that this happened in my town.  I followed this tragedy this week, feeling so terrible for the lone survivor; a 15 year old girl named Cassidy Stay.  All week I’ve been talking about her sheer bravery and wit during the horrifying events that took place.  This girl managed to call the police to save her grandparents after being tied up, witnessing the death of her entire family, and then shot in the head herself.   You can read the full story at this website.

It wasn’t until this morning when I saw a photo of her as she was being released from the hospital that I realized that I’d met her before.  I did a double take.  A triple take, and then finally I had to know.  I hurriedly logged into my wordpress account and gaped at her name on my newsletter.  Sure enough, it was her.  My heart fell into my stomach.

Cassidy Stay is one of the kindest, sweetest girls I’ve had the pleasure to meet.  It breaks my heart even more knowing that this terrible thing has happened to her.

This girl deserves your money.  She deserves my money.  As much as I am able to give.  Someone has started a gofundme account for her, and I’m putting it right here.  She needs so much love and support right now.  I had to put it out there.  Help this girl if you can because she is so brave, kind, and has lost more than you can imagine.

Go Fund Cassidy Stay







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