Slow Down

I find myself rushing through each day, trying to teleport into another part of the year where the waiting will stop.  I try to will the days to go faster, and don’t pay attention to anything that’s good.  When there’s a goal in mind, nothing really matters.  Food doesn’t taste as great, movies aren’t that interesting, and other life events get a mere shrug.

Right now I want a house.  There are things in my life that could happen if I only had a house.  I tell myself that if I could get out of this one bedroom apartment, then everything else that I want would flow a little easier.  I’d have more space, I could set aside a baby room, I could get a dog or two, and I could devote a workspace to the crafts that I love instead of sitting at my dining room table only to have to move everything before I’m done so we can use it to eat.

We have a plan in mind.  A “saving up until January” kind of plan.  We’d be able to move in March.  So right now, I really want it to be January so I can start looking at houses.  I don’t even want to look at them until then, because I won’t be able to afford them.  I want time to move forward.

With all of my fast forwarding habits, I never stop and notice at the things in life that are beautiful.  And then all of a sudden, they’re there.  On my Facebook.  Out in my tiny garden, or just in my face in general.  Perhaps when I’m in these bitter, upset at life moods, God is extending his hand to show me something that will cheer me up.

Like this.  I found this on Facebook this morning.  Someone took the trunk of a tree and shaved it thin so that a record player could play what its rings sound like.  Apparently trees have voices too.

Months ago I found this.  Not only are the trees singing, but so are the crickets.  What things am I missing while rushing through this one life that I have?  This video is an audio clip of crickets slowed down.  It sounds like angels.

Or the beauty of bioluminescent waves, which look like they’re glowing blue.  (It’s really phytoplankton by still.  Holy crap it’s pretty)


Or real snow flakes under a microscope:


Or soapy bubbles popping in slow motion:

Or even just my adorable, loving cats who won’t be around forever:


Maybe I should stop doing this fast forward thing.

I think I’ll go to the park this morning.



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