First Book Signing

So yesterday was my first book signing, and it was a real hit!

I was at Once Read Twice Sold Books from 10:00 am to about 2:30 pm.  I stayed about half an hour later than I originally planned because I had a feeling.  Sure enough, a woman from the Sports Clips next door came in while I was packing up looking for “the author!”  🙂  She said her son wanted to buy a copy of my book.  The best part was listening to her read the blurb of my book over the phone to her son and then saying “He’s going Yes!  Yes mom get it!”  I think I took a cloud home.

I felt beyond blessed and loved the entire time.  I sold a resounding 21 copies of my book (far more than I had thought I would).  At the beginning of the day, I’d told myself that if I managed to sell my book to just one stranger, I’d be happy.  I ended up selling my book to many strangers!

Not only that, but several people I hadn’t seen since around 2005 came walking in the door, and put my jaw on the floor.  It was awesome.  I was so happy to see that my constant Facebook advertising of the event had worked, and that people actually wanted to come out!  The best part for me was to see them with their families.  The last time we’d seen one another in person would have probably been at Senior Prom.  They arrived with their spouses and babies, and it was so surreal.  Several of my close friends and family came out too which made me feel even more spectacular.

Needless to say the event went superb, and I’m planning on launching the second book at their store.  I’d also like to find more bookstores so that I can do this again!  If you missed it, there are a few copies still available at:

Once Read Twice Sold Books
250 Cypresswood Dr.
Spring, TX 77388

You can also order a signed copy online right here.

And here are some photos from the event!  Enjoy.

photo 1

At my table!

photo 2

Signing a book for someone.

photo 2

Here’s the photo I put up on instagram to announce that the event had started.

photo 3

Custom bookmarks that I made for each book with my website on the back.

photo 1

One of my loving editors/bestie, Catie Tuley.  She rocks!

Thanks to all of you who made this event very special for me.

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