A WebMD Look into Facebookism

Facebook is such a strange, wonderful, addictive, and awful thing.  It sucks us in with its silly games, it helps us reconnect with friends, and has a very weird effect on our lives if not careful.


That’s right.  I’m a Facebook addict…  -_-  I’ll admit it.  The first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem right?  Here’s the overview to see if you too are addicted to Facebook.

Facebookism Overview

Facebookism is an addiction to the social media website known as Facebook.  Many who are addicted to Facebook were either mildly addicted to or completely obsessed with  myspace.com during its time.  Myspace is a gateway website that led others to bigger and more hardcore websites such as Facebook.  Once addicted to Facebook, breaking the cycle can be difficult and the road to recovery long.

*The severity of your addiction can vary from mild, moderate or severe.  This will be addressed later.*

Facebookism Causes:
-Lack of real social interaction
-Being antisocial
-Complacency to talk to people online instead of over the phone/in person

Facebookism Symptoms:
Your symptoms can range with the severity of your addiction.

MILD:  You check Facebook at least once a week.  You sign on to take a quick look around, answer emails, and/or congratulate someone on their recent accomplishments.  You may spend a long amount of time doing this, but you’re not invested enough yet that you can’t sign off.

-Partial Facebook stalking
-Looking at the photos of others
-You have a select amount of Facebook friends
-Spending an hour or more online
-You post about yourself every once in while.  Perhaps something personal.

MODERATE:  You check Facebook several times a week.  Perhaps once a day.  You do a thorough search of your news feed to insure that nothing new has happened with any of your friends and acquaintances.  This may take quite a while to complete.  It could put a strain on your relationships if not handled carefully.

-Invested Facebook stalking.  You’ve looked into your friend’s profiles more than once.
-Looking at photos of friends and their friends if available.  Just getting to know your friends.  🙂
-You have a moderate amount of Facebook friends.  Some you barely know.
-You spend a large amount of time online.  You have other things to do, but this is socialization.
-You play one or more games on Facebook.  Gotta keep those crops growing.
-You post at least once a week about something in your life.  Relevant or not.

SEVERE:  You check Facebook every day.  Sometimes more than once per day.  You spend more time online talking to Facebook friends than you do talking to friends you could see in person.  You’d rather send a Facebook message than hear their voice over the phone.  You spend hours checking the pages of others.

-Hardcore Facebook stalking.  You know what your friends are doing, what their significant others are doing, and what their friends are doing  whether they are actually your Facebook friend or not (privacy settings permitting)
-You have a huge amount of Facebook friends.  You may not know a lot of them at all.  A lot are acquaintances.  The more the merrier right?
-You get offended when a friend “un-friends” you, or ignores your friend request.  Especially if you know this person.  Who do they think they are?  Why don’t they want to talk to you?
-You check Facebook CONSTANTLY.  You don’t want to miss an update from someone you care about. (or someone you know)  You want to be the first to know what’s going on!
-You play several games.  Heaven forbid the power go out!  Your crops will DIE!  Your fish NEED feeding!  Your dragons NEED to grow!  You’ve invested time into this!
-You post about everything.  What you’re eating.  Where you are going.  You are the mayor of your favorite watering holes and hair salons.  Everyone must know where you are at all times.  People need to know what you’re thinking.  Even if you’re mad at someone.  That jerk!

Serious Symptoms:
-Sense of entitlement.  If someone posts that they’re mad, you have a right to know WHY.  If they get divorced you have a right to know the reason.  If someone does not add you to their friends list, you become enraged at the person.
-Inability to do anything except check Facebook when at home
-Checking Facebook for 4 hours or more.
-Constantly checking Facebook while in a social setting (intimate dinner, out with friends, in the middle of an actual conversation)
-Planning out what time you need to sign back on to water your crops to reach optimum crop harvesting
-Spending more time liking status’ than interacting with real people in person

When to Seek Medical Care:
If you are experiencing any of the above serious symptoms do the following actions.

Facebookism Treatment:
Once you’ve realized that you suffer from this ailment, it’s important to realize that it’s not your fault.  You’ve become a victim of social media.  Talking to others who also suffer from this addiction can help.  Together you can lessen your addiction and/or quit if necessary.

If you know that you’re unable to handle Facebook without becoming addicted again you may need to take that difficult step to delete your profile.  A friend or loved one can help you do this.  Just say no!

If you think you can lessen your Facebook usage to a normal level, stay committed!  You can do it.  Keep an eye out for worsening symptoms.  Your friends and loved ones can also help with this.

The first step is admitting you have a problem.  If this sounds like you, talk to a loved one about it.  The road to recovery is long, but we can do it together.

Or not.  😉  Oh Facebook.  Sweet sweet nectar of the Gods.

I gotta go check my crops.  Timer is up.



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