Updaaaaate of Doom!

Okay!  Many things have been going on lately.  Sorry I’ve been too lazy to get up off my butt and talk about it!

1.  I launched the It Fell Out of My Head literary magazine for young adults!  15% of all future proceeds are going to Ronald McDonald House  Houston!  Woo!  I’m also going to try and get with them about letting their creative little fighters submit their work as well.  CHECK IT OUT!

If you know a writer, send them my way!

2.  My Lenora Howard website is down.   I’m having technical difficulties.  It will be back up just as soon as I remember to call Go Daddy’s number and fix it.

3.  People are going crazy about Duck Dynasty and Phil Robertson’s statement.  It is ALL OVER my news feed like someone had word vomit.   Or several someones.  Half of it is “free speech” this, and the other half is “he’s a bigot” that.  Honestly, I’d rather just see some photos of babies, peoples food, and their dogs like normal.

I couldn’t care less about Duck Dynasty or anything the people on the show say.  In fact, I think this could accurately express how I feel about the situation.


No seriously…


4.  I got a new nephew!  Dillon Edward Clounts

I might literally die from the cuteness overload I have been experiencing lately, and the sheer joy I’m getting at the thought of meeting him this weekend.  🙂  So excited!!!!

I bought his big sister SO many Christmas gifts this year.

5.  My book got accepted into a BOOK CLUB.  A freakin BOOK CLUB!   In April, I get to talk to the fine ladies that read my book and answer their questions.  Can’t wait!

6.  I finished NaNoWriMo.  3rd Year in a ROW!  wooooo!

That’s about it for now.  I’ll be posting soon I’m sure.  Too much going on!



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