How to Save a Life

I just came back from Project Row House where my sister Emily had her own featured house!  I am so proud of her in this achievement!

Project Row House is a very exclusive internship program in Houston that only a select few are admitted into.  You’re given a one room house (the house is one huge room) and you are allowed to do anything that you want to it except take off the front door.

I saw several houses today and was not too impressed with some of them.  No offense to the other artists, but I expected more out of them since the internship was handpicked.  One house was literally covered in random trash from the city, assorted in odd angles.  Another was drawn all over with paint and markers.  The only cool part of that house was that visitors were allowed to make their own artistic mark, and she did have some very impressive paintings hanging in one of the rooms.  Maybe I’m biased because I thought my sister’s was so kick ass!

The premise of her room was that there are so many people in the world who need organ transplants.  The list to get an organ is very long and many die during their wait.  Emily said,

“Wouldn’t it be great if we could just grow organs from a plant, or grow them like a plant?”

She pointed out that succulents (very thick cactus-like plants) are primarily composed of water just like organs of the human body.  She also said that you could take a piece off of a succulent and graph it onto another succulent grow more.

These are real succulents from her gallery.


So her room was decorated like a garden/hospital.  She had hospital curtains hanging from the windows, a metal table with surgical tools on one side of the room, and the floor was covered with dirt.  There were stepping stones leading you around the room, and a wooden bench to sit on.

Each art piece was a ceramic succulent with an organ growing in it as if it grew from it.   The succulents were in wooden boxes of dirt, affixed on the walls.  They were so cool!

Whenever asked what the purpose of the project was, she stated that it was to bring awareness to organ donation.  To point out that organs unfortunately do not grow on plants or like plants, and to encourage everyone to become an organ donor.  I love this!  It’s an easy step that you do when you get your drivers license renewed.   And for your entertainment, I’ve added photos from the gallery itself!














And the artist herself, Emily Howard!





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