It Fell Out of My Head

HUGE things are coming to the world of Lenora Howard.  After wanting to do this for  a long time, I’m finally going to do it!

Get ready…drum roll please….

I’m creating a literary magazine! 

Of course I’m still going to be working on my sequel; The Mage’s Circle, but this is something I’ve wanted to do forever.  I submitted works to high school literary magazines and I can’t tell you how awesome it felt to have someone read my work and say “Wow!  You’re an awesome writer!”

But I don’t just want this thing to be for teenagers.  This isn’t going to be your high school literary magazine.  This is for EVERYONE.  And I mean everyone.  Kids, grandpas, mothers, daughters, college students, teenagers, housewives,  – E-V-E-R-Y-O-N-E!  And you will be able to submit anything art related.  I want photography, artwork, poems, short series, and short stories.  I want to show off what you talented people have to offer.

Anyone will be able to submit work to me, and I will create the magazine accordingly.  There will have to be rules and submission guidelines of course.

I sat there trying to think of what to call it.  Something that is…ME-ish, and something that pertains to art.  So of course I called it “It Fell Out of My Head”

That title was the name of the first ever literary magazine I participated in during middle school.  It was one of many names that magazine had.  I wrote a poem with that title, and I have always loved it.  That’s how art is.  It’s like a shaken up soda can in your brain that wants to EXPLODE until it comes pouring out of your head.

I just bought the domain name and web hosting, and it’s going to be a little while until it’s up and running.  I need to get the legal issues, guidelines and format worked out before I officially launch the page, but I’m getting super excited.  I’m also going to be doing some research on how to protect my artists from having their work stolen.

But the bare bones of the idea will be that you will submit work to me, I will collect works from people at first until I have enough for the first edition, and then it will be uploaded to the website in a pdf format, as well as a flash program that looks like a book.  Best of all I will upload it to where the works will be published in book format and available to purchase from, and the Kindle!  You could hold that book in your hands with YOUR work in it, and be able to show someone “Look!  I did this!”

I want everyone to be writing.  I want kids to write.  I want my friends to write.  I want you to draw, explore, and imagine for everyone to see!  Too many schools are taking the arts out of their curriculum, so it’s up to everyone else to put creativity out into the world.

I’ll update more on this later, but I’m so excited about this that I could burst!



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