Crème de la Lenora

This is a bold dish.  Not for the faint of heart or weak of stomach. (Or lactose intolerant?)


4-5 heaping cups of LOUD (to your preference)
1 tube of bubbles
A pinch of narcissism
Add some fight or flight (Separate and remove the flight.  Discard)
1 entire box of rainbows, stars and sunbursts (The creative brand.  Not the off brand)
1 tsp of paranoia
2 tsp of worry
1-2 cups of compassion
1 teddy bear
A couple of YouTube cat videos
Maybe some procrastination (We’ll decide later.  Maybe if we feel like it.)


1.  Pour the loud into a stand mixer and increase the speed as MUCH AS IT WILL GO!  If you can hear anything, it’s not fast enough.  Stir until well agitated and it fills up  the entire bowl.  Set aside.
2. Combine the box of rainbows, stars and sunbursts into a separate bowl.  Sprinkle with narcissism and stir until well blended.  This will create your creativity dry mixture.
3.  Hug the teddy bear (This is science.  Don’t judge me.)
4.  In a saucepan combine the paranoia, worry, and compassion to create a freakout mixture and let it simmer for several hours until it is boiling.
5. Watch YouTube cat videos until the freakout is well reduced into a calm-again sauce.
6.  Fold teddy bear, calm-again sauce, and creativity mixture into the loud.
7.  Pour into a  pink container (it must be pink) and cover with fight before setting it on


Blow entire tube of bubbles about and around it before serving.
Decorate with several piercings.  Maybe a tattoo.
Hair color may vary.

We forgot the procrastination didn’t we?  Eh…I’ll add it next time…

When you’re finished it should look something like this:

9392_729776929985_1104280951_n      or this      1044328_740592241015_824196377_n

If it doesn’t look like this, then you totally screwed it up.  Throw that crap away and start again…



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