Endometriosis Diaries #6 – Surgery

The last couple of days are a blur.  I’m still groggy and kind of woozy.  I had surgery on Monday, July 1st for my Endometriosis and it was a success.  They found it on my intestines, behind my bladder, behind my uterus, and they removed my appendix for good measure.  Although it sucked to deal with the symptoms, I’m glad they found it where they did.  It’s a big relief to know that it wasn’t all in my head, and that I wasn’t being a big baby or overreacting.


I went in on July 1st with absolutely no sleep.  I wasn’t able to even drift off the night before because of my nerves, and sitting in the waiting room at 4:30 am wasn’t the most fun.  But I have to tell you, I have had SO MUCH support.  Big shout out to all of my friends and family who checked on me every day, texted me or Facebooked me to make sure that I was okay.

My sister and husband are AMAZING.  They sat with me, keeping me laughing up until the moment when they wheeled me into the prep room.  I also had friends emailing me on Facebook or texting me while I waited, wishing me good luck.  Thanks guys.

I was required to shower before, but not allowed to swallow any liquids or food after 10 pm the night before.  No make up, and check out my sexy pre-op attire.  And literally everyone wanted to stick me with a needle.  Also, I found out that I’m O Positive.  Neat!



In the prep room they tag teamed me, asking me the same questions over and over.  What surgery was I having?  Could they see my wrist band?  How was I feeling?

The next thing I knew, I had a IV in my hand and a wave of good feelings washed over me.  I can remember asking my doctor if they’d just given me the cocktail drug and she nodded; smiling.  I told them I knew, because I was feeling like I was back in college which brought a laugh from everyone.

A few moments later I was on a much narrower table, unsure of how I got there, and a mask was over my face.  I remember seeing one of the nurses had this flower clip on her scrubs that was holding up her name tag.  But it looked like it was made of wax circles.  I asked her about it and I can remember her telling me what it was made of, but I don’t remember what she said.  (I later asked again when seeing another one and was told that it was made out of the caps that cover the anesthesia bottles) Cute!

The next thing I knew, I was waking up in recovery feeling yucky.  The surgery took about two and a half hours to complete, and my recovery took about two more hours.  I can remember waking up and being pulled right back under.  I told the nurse that I felt nauseous, or that I was in pain, and they’d put something in my IV.  I realized I’d been in there a while because the first time I opened my eyes, I saw lots of people in the room on other gurneys recovering.  When I opened my eyes another time, I was the only one left.  Eventually I just started asking the nurse questions when I could wake up, just to keep myself awake.  I wanted to see my husband and sister.

From getting back in my own small area with Heather and Justin, I waited to get more pain killers and be allowed to leave.  I was required to pee before I could do that which was no small feat since they’d just taken a catheter out of me.  My throat was also very sore and dry from having a tube stuck in it during the surgery.  Yuck.  Pretty much felt like I’d been hit by a train.

From there I was taken home and put to bed.  However, I ended up back in the hospital the next evening.  The pain increased significantly at some point during the day and just wouldn’t quit.  I felt terrible.  Just getting up to go to the bathroom brought tears, and I could barely move.  I eventually called my doctor to see if she could up the dose on my meds, but that resulted in her asking me to come back to the hospital.  They were concerned that something may have gone wrong or that they’d perforated my bowel or something.  From there they did a bunch of NOT fun tests and required that I stay overnight for observation.  I got little sleep with people taking my blood pressure every couple of hours  Not looking forward to that bill.  However, I went home with extra strength Vicodin.

The pain calmed down a lot yesterday with the majority of the gas they’d use to inflate me gone, to the point where the Vicodin was just making me very loopy.  At some point my father was watching over me, kindly letting me nap on his shoulder, and I remember calling my big sister to tell her that something was weird.  I told her that my phone was warping into a Barbie phone as we spoke, and that my body wouldn’t stop getting bigger and smaller.  She said I was as high as a kite, and that if I was like that when she came over, we were going to be hopping in the shower to sober me up.  Fast forward to several hours later on half that dose, and food in my system.  I was much more cognitive and the incisions only twinged.  I can deal with that.  No more Barbie phone please.  But even with half a dose I’m still so out of it.  I’ve taken like five mini naps while writing this.



The blue is ink where they were making decisions about where to cut.  It won’t come off…  >.<  They closed the incisions with medicinal super glue, but the rest of that is bruising.  I have four cuts total.  And one is in my belly button, which I’m still too scared to look at up close.  *shudder*  gross.  Currently wearing a long nightgown, so I don’t have any reason to accidentally see them.  I also have a small rash on my tummy from the Vicodin.  Oh well.  I’ll take it.

Today is my first day up and alone.  I predict that I will be sleeping on the couch and watching a lot of movies.  Sounds good to me.  Time to go edit this and take a few more mini naps.




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