My Life & Gaming -Blast from My Past

A fellow writing friend of mine; Chris Warner wrote a blog about our group of friends yesterday.  The blog was about how gaming has shaped our lives, and it brought a huge smile to my face.  Because it’s true.

My closest friends from college were all met through a single D20 game called Vampire: The Masquerade.

You can read his blog post, and learn more about their new, upcoming pen and paper series!  Bearwolf Games -Games Shape Us

In his blog he highlights the first game we played, where we started officially hanging out.  I remember that it was really the only time I partook in the pen and paper game. (you could ask them)  I always opted to watch the game while I did other things, because the games would take sometimes 6-8 hours, and they’d be up into the wee hours of the morning still playing!  They all know that I very much like to sleep…   But I enjoyed the game as I felt that I had “won” the game that time.   😉  As my one real pen and paper gaming experience, it was awesome.

The majority of the people who played with us, we’ve stayed friends with.  Many of them were in my wedding, but some have fallen away.

My character was a sexy, black haired temptress vampire.  I remember that a lot of us played vampires, and one or two played a human.  (bad idea for them.  ALL MUST BECOME VAMPIRE!  bwahahaha)

Anyway, we were all investigating something (orders from the head honcho vampires).  I don’t remember exactly what, but the main rule of the game was to not let anyone know that you were a vampire.  Hence, the masquerade part.

I just remember that it lead us all to this house where we were supposed to go talk to a Mage who might have some answers.  It was almost like a race to see who could get the answers first.

We walk into the house, where we find it in disarray, and smelling as our DM described it as “bad sex and Cheetos”.  We split up in the house and I found myself in a side room where the Mage was dead on the ground.  His face was peeled off.  (gross).  Behind him was a computer that he’d been sitting at, which I immediately investigated.  On the computer screen was a webpage of strange runes.  I knew it was a race, so I didn’t stick around.  I printed the page and hightailed it out of there.  I can’t remember who I hitched a ride with, but as I exited, the house filled with screams.  I think it was Nathan, but I hopped in someone’s car and we drove back to the head vampires.  I gave them the runes, and was rewarded with a scarab necklace that made everything I wore look more alluring.

Back at the house, the rest of the team was being violently attacked by the Marionette; a psychotic monster that peeled off peoples faces and stuck them where his should be.  He ravaged the group in the dark creepy house and they barely made it out with their lives.  While I giggled on the couch; my character safe in her apartment! mwahahaha…

The game itself was a total mind-fuck!  I played a few more times and stopped when the game began to wig me out.  Each and every character was violated in some way during this game.

But after this game we all started hanging out, having lunch together, spending late nights smoking Hookah or spending our Halloweens together, watching B-rated horror movies and drinking ourselves sloppy.  (While consuming massive amounts of candy and nachos of course.)  We’ve been through the best and the worst times together.   Weddings and family problems.  Arguments and fun times doing nothing in particular at all.

These are the people I grew closest to in college, and now that we’re all separated by distance I miss them dearly.

I miss our almost weekly lunches at Los Mochis (the best damn Mexican food you will EVER eat), playing rock band “Say it Ain’t So” a million times, and late nights running around playing World of Warcraft.

And for your enjoyment, here are some pictures of the above mentioned game.


In this photo we have Chris in red, and Nathan standing up.  At the time Chris was dating Kriia in front, but long ago they broke up and she fell from the group.  He is now married to Aubrey who neglected to take any photos of herself.  I went ahead and found one for her, when she’s dressed up like a vampire!  You’re welcome Aubs!


So beautiful!  🙂


On the far left we have Justin (my husband).  Then we have Derek with the blonde hair.  David quickly fell from the group with the brown hair beside Derek.  On the far right in green is ME!  Omg look at my ancient red phone!


From left to right.  Kriia.  Tyler (whom I still occasionally talk to on Facebook),  James (the other writer of Bearwolf Games), Nathan, Justin, and Derek!   We were all in the midst of gaming.


And lastly, just a cute photo of Justin & I still freshmen in college in 2006.  When we were both skinny and adorable.

If you’re a gamer, then yes gaming does shape your life.  If you’re not a gamer, of course it doesn’t.  Gaming to gamers is the same as clubbing or going out to other people.  I’ve formed the best bonds with people through gaming.  It’s all about finding people with similar interests.

I miss you guys!


If you’re a fan of pen and paper games, video games, or storytelling, I highly recommend that you check out Bearwolf Games.  Their website will feature video game reviews and blogs written by Chris (editor & founder), James (author and co-founder), myself (contributor) and others.  They will also be creating pre-made pen and paper games!  I can’t wait to see what they come up with!

Go there.  Now.


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