The Creepy and Weird

The paranormal has been on my mind lately.  I’ve always been addicted to ghost shows, ghost stories and shows about mediums.  But I’m also terrified of the supernatural.

You will never get me to watch a show about demons because I have a terrible fear that if I think about them too much, they’ll come and get me…

Anyway, I saw this trailer at the movie theater (The Conjuring) the other day and as soon as they said Lorraine Warren, I was like “Omg screw that movie!”  The reason why it freaked me out so much, is because Lorraine Warren is a real person, and this movie is a true story.  She’s a  real demonologist.

I seriously can not watch a ghost movie that is a true story.  I can’t take the fact that the things that happened in the movie (although probably exaggerated) actually happened to someone.

Fun fact of the day.  Lorraine Warren was also one of the investigators of the Amityville Horror.  Where the walls oozed, and flies swarmed the house in the winter.  holycrapthatfreaksmeout….

Thought I’d share.  You and your friends want to go see The Conjuring, have fun.  But eff that, hell no.  Scary!






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