I’m Expensive

It’s been a while since my last post.  Just been so worn out lately!  I still haven’t done much writing, but I suspect that might change sometime next week.  When I’m awake I’ll have plenty of time to do anything that doesn’t require me to get out of bed.

I’ve almost finished preparing myself mentally and my apartment for my surgery next Monday.  I’ve been pretty stressed out about it, though I’ve been trying hard not to be.  I know that nothing bad is going to happen, but I know how it feels after the surgery and I’m not looking forward to it.  It’s like when you’re getting a shot in your arm, and you’re waiting for the doctor to just do it!  That initial intense feeling you get in your guy while anticipating the pain.  I’ve felt like that for the past two weeks.  My pre-op is this Thursday, and let’s just hope I pass all the labs and there are no issues.  And also say a prayer for me that no woman goes into labor and needs my doctor to deliver her baby.  I really just want to get this over with.

So there’s the surgery to pay for, and yesterday I went to the dreaded dentist.  I have SEVEN cavities!  I brush the crap out of my teeth everyday, but apparently that doesn’t mean anything unless you floss every day as well.  Which I don’t.  I hate flossing.  It’s uncomfortable and I have crooked teeth so it’s all awkward.  But because of my bad flossing habits, I might have to have a root canal.  And I’m also trying to get my wisdom teeth scheduled to be out.  So however much the surgery is, plus however much the wisdom teeth are, plus paying up front somewhere between $700.00 – $1,100.00.  I’m gonna be so dirt poor!!!

Send me your good thoughts, prayers and happy vibes next week!  I’m going to have a medically induced stay-cation.



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