Endometriosis Diaries #5

It’s been a while since my last post, and I’ve got to say that on a writing note I’ve done ZERO WRITING  lately.  Part of that is because I’m worn out, and the other part is that I’m forcing myself to the gym in the morning during what would be my regular writing hours.  Also…I’m consistently sore.

Anyways, after my last post, things didn’t get any better with my Endometriosis.  They actually got a little worse, and finally I got fed up and made an appointment to see my gynecologist.  After telling her my symptoms she gave me a very sympathetic look and said “It’s time…”

What she meant was that it’s time for me to have surgery again.  (This is what she told me last time I saw her months and months ago, but I wasn’t ready to face it.)  I had it done in 2008 on election day (voted early!), which is when they diagnosed me with it.  So it’s been almost five years since last time, and I’m not too thrilled.  At the same time I’m a little relieved to have a plan in motion.

I will be going in on July 1st (given that my doctor doesn’t have to deliver any babies that day), and have all of me cleaned out.  Not just my uterus or cervix.  In fact she thinks based on my symptoms that it’s on my intestines, appendix, ovaries, and bladder.  My doctor’s husband is a vascular surgeon, so he’ll be there too in case she’s right.

Procedure:  They fill you  up with gas so you expand and they can see everything.  Then they go in with a camera to look for the endo tissue which can be pink, black, grey, white, or even clear!  I tried to find a picture of it, but they all looked nasty.  This is the least nasty photo that I could find that depicts what I’m talking about.  The dark blobs you see are endometrial tissue.  When they see the tissue, they’ll take a laser and burn it off.  OR, a scalpel and scrape it off.

Cool news.  This badass bad boy is what they’ll be using to remove the nasty tissue.  The Da Vinci surgery device.

It’s a robot that will be controlled by the doctor just a few feet away.  An assistant, like you see there will stand over and monitor me while the procedure is performed.  The coolest things about it are that it has precision movements, its camera is in 3D/color, and that it can get RIGHT up close to my organs with no shaky hands to remove all the bad tissue with a laser beam.  Pretty neat right?

I’ll be down and out for about a week.  OH, and they’re also going to just go ahead and take out my appendix.  No arguments from me.  I suggested it.  Nobody likes you anyway appendix.

Interesting thing my doctor said when I asked her about it.  She doesn’t think the endometriosis diet is even worth it.  She said the effects of it are minimal to nothing, and it’s an exhausting diet.  She did agree that caffeine and soy can cause some inflammation, but aside from that she didn’t see a point to me limiting what I want to eat.

I kind of agree.  This disease is depressing enough…why would I want to eat a completely restrictive and depressing diet all the time on top of it if it doesn’t really do much?

I told my husband, and we celebrated by going to Smash Burger.  And it was good.



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