Stair Stepper Hell

So my husband and I have been going to the gym every morning.  Well, almost every morning.  Like this morning we’re not going because he can’t even form a sentence so I give up.  Also it’s raining and I don’t know where my bra is.

I’m one of those people who doesn’t like to work out alone, even though half the time we don’t work out near each other.  Maybe I want him to suffer along with me while I almost elliptical myself to death.  It seriously only takes ONE thing to make me not want to go to the gym.  Like not knowing where my bra is.  Too tired to go on a hunt and find it…guess I can’t go.  Or not being able to get Justin out of bed.  Nope.

Last night we had a big storm and the power went off and on several times, each time shutting down my fans that are like literally like wind tunnels in my face.  I seriously need a wind tunnel blowing in my face to sleep.  So for the twenty or so minutes that the fans stayed off each time the power went out, I laid there wide awake, feeling hot.  (even though my apartment was 70 degrees).  So this morning, despite feeling like a fatty-fatterson I’m not going.  Can’t even think about it, much less look for my bra.

Anyway when I do end up going I always think the same thing when I walk in.  That I keep wanting to write a post about the gym because I’ve found that there’s a large group of people who are obsessed exercising themselves to death.

These people are masochists.

I walk into the gym and the first thing that I make eye contact with each time is the really tall stair stepping machine.  There are three of them, and there’s always a person on each one.  Those people look like they’re in HELL!  All of them are sweating profusely, and slowly trudging their way up these mechanical, never ending steps!  None of them are smiling, or even looking remotely pleased with what their doing either.

None of them look like this.  Not even the slightest!

I typed “Stair Stepping Hell” into Google images and nothing came up.  But this comes close.

All of them are hunched over, looking miserable, and gripping the sides of the stair stepper for dear life!

Why do it?  Whyyyy?  WHY?  Everything I’ve found says that the elliptical burns MORE calories than the stair stepper.  I’ve decided why.  People are masochists.

And I’m guilty too.  I tell everyone that when I do crunches and feel the burn in my abs I’m happy about the soreness each time I cough and groan.  Or sneeze and wince.  Sore abs, why do you hurt so good?

But seriously…people on the stair stepper are cray cray.



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