Changing of the Tides

It’s been a little while!

I just posted my second segment of the short story I’m working on called Changing of the Tides.  If you don’t remember my super awesome artwork for it, take a gander!

Changing of the Tides

Feel free to head over to  and check out The Archives of the Sage Order.  If you’ve read my book, The Sage’s Eye you’d remember that Sage’s are people from Cellestria who are gifted with the ability to see another person’s memories, or even the future.  They are duty bound to record these memories and return them to be documented among the other archives.  Changing of the Tides is just but one of the memories recoded.

In Changing of the Tides, we are following Sierra, a young woman who has been thrown into Cellestria; a new and foreign world.  Her husband has been gone for a very long time on an expedition, and strange sounds beyond the safety of their town are calling her to the ocean.

Part two is debuting today, and it will be filled with suspense!  Check it out!



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