So much stuff is happening right now, and I’m pretty excited.  First off, I just submitted my entry to the Truth in Words Essay Contest.   I talk about my struggle with Endometrosis starting with the frustrating endeavor I underwent to confirm the diagnosis.  If I win or am even nominated I hope that it will bring awareness to Endometriosis and those who suffer from it on a daily basis.  If I don’t win, I will post it here for everyone to read!

The second AWESOME thing relates to my books.  I will debut a series of short stories on my website that relate to the history of Cellestria.  The people and events in these stories will make appearances within my second and third book.  The first part of the first short story will appear on March 1, 2013 under “The Archives of the Sage Order” tab.  Aaaand as a teaser behold the cover art that I finished today.

Changing of the Tides

I’ve planned that the story will be three parts.  You can see for yourself on the first!





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