Endometriosis Diaries #4

More show and tell time!  I’ve found some new items that I’ve fallen in love with.

I was missing burgers far too much.   Like a lot.  Like I mourned each time I passed a burger joint, or somewhere that sold burgers.  This turned out pretty delicious.

New items that make this amazing burger.  Rice Swiss Flavor Cheese, and Udi’s Hamburger Buns.  I found the cheese at my local HEB, and the buns at Whole Foods.  If you don’t have access to either, ask your local grocery store if they can stock these items into their inventory.  Most of the time, grocery stores like to hear what their customers want.

Missin Swiss Burgers Recipe

1 lb Ground Turkey
1 tbs olive oil
Your favorite burger spice rub
2 tsp Earth Balance No Soy Butter
4 mushrooms slice thin
1/4 an onion sliced into slivers
Udi’s Gluten Free Hamburger Buns
Rice Swiss Flavor Cheese
Dijon Mustard

*Cooking Directions*
1.  Separate the ground turkey into four patties and season with your favorite spice rub.  Coat your grill pan or grill with olive oil  and cook the turkey patties until done.
2.  While the patties are cooking, melt the Earth Balance butter in a separate pan and saute the onions and mushrooms.  Feel free to sprinkle in a little bit of that spice rub to give it some extra flavor.
3.  Separate the buns (they come frozen) and put each half into the toaster.  Toast for one cycle.  If still hard on the inside, pop into the microwave for about 15 seconds.
4.  When the patties are cooked through place a slice of cheese onto each patty.   Place a pot lid over them to melt the cheese for a minute or two.
5.  When onions and mushrooms are tender, spread Dijon mustard on the buns and assemble!
6.  Perfect with some sweet potato fries, and feel free to garnish with veggies.

More recipes to come!  In other news the only times I’ve felt bad is when I’ve accidentally cheated.  Make sure to ask at restaurants if food is cooked with butter.  That dairy will get ya!  I just tell them I have a serious dairy allergy.  If in doubt or if they don’t know, don’t eat it.  The couple of times I haven’t checked, I’ve paid for it later.

Hope everyone starts feeling great!



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