Last Blog Today I Promise

Just a quick update on writing related things.

New awesome thing coming to my website soon which you can follow the progress of on the Facebook page!  (which you should like if you haven’t already.  It will make you super cool!)

So what is this new awesome thing coming to my website?

SHORT STORIES!  For those of you who have read The Sage’s Eye, you will recall that we will soon be entering Cellestria.  And man oh man do I have some Cellestrian history for you.

The Archives of The Sage Order will soon makes its appearance on my website on its own special page.  There you can read about Cellestrian history from the eyes of several Sages.  I can’t wait for it to be launched.  Each story will be about three segments long, and each segment should be around 10-ish pages.

I’ve completed the first segment of the first story this week, and my lovely editor is taking a look at it to clean up the grammar that always eludes me.  I suck at grammar.  Punctuation is my enemy.  We’re not friends.

Anyway, I’ll probably announce the launch sometime soon on the blog as well, but definitely on the Facebook page.






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