Endometriosis Diaries #3 – The Dangers of Soy

I will begin with a happy note that is a follow up from the previous blog about endo.  I have tried all of the items that I listed and I LOVE all of them.  The mayo and butter taste just like mayo and butter!  🙂  The yogurts are interesting, but they are flavorful and taste pretty good!  Check them out.  I know being able to make chicken salad brightened up my week.

Now onto the issue I want to talk about.

So I’ve had some pitfalls lately regarding my endo.  Not really anything that was my fault, but I was feeling discouraged.  I was feeling fine for a while and then all of a sudden I started experiencing pain up my right side starting low and ending near my bottom right rib.  This continued for a few days, and then came the spotting.

This may be TMI (and I’m sorry if any of you people reading are dudes who are like EW!), but this is a big part of Endometriosis.

Anyway I freaked out.  I was so angry because I’ve been sticking true to this diet through every single day for almost a month.  I’ve endured many a salad, checked every label, and annoyed every waitress to make sure that my food didn’t have dairy or wasn’t cooked with butter.  And then THIS?!  What the hell?!

I don’t know what’s causing it for sure but I have a theory.  Right around the same time that the pain started, my chin started to break out.  I rarely get acne, but this was a lot.  Deep, painful acne that felt more like a bruise than a pimple.  I already know that all of these things are hormone related.

I’ve stopped consuming soy altogether.  Most soy is genetically manufactured, and this kind of soy produces a kind of estrogen in your body when consumed.  I think my body is like WTF?  WHERE DID THE EXTRA HORMONES GO?

I’ve been finding countless studies done on the internet where rats were given genetically manufactured soy, and the results are frightening.  One study showed that rats given that kind of soy began their reproductive cycles without being introduced to a male. (female rats usually don’t begin this until coming in contact with a male rat).  Those given organic soy had no reproductive changes, nor did any of the rats fed normal food.

I find it disturbing that my body is reacting so negatively to this diet that is often viewed as extremely healthy.  I have not consumed any saturated fats, or fried foods.  I only eat lean meats and I’m eating a TON of fiber.  So why is my body so angry?  I really do think it’s from the many years I’ve spent consuming things with soy in them.  Not to mention consuming soy based products.  When I was a teenager it was the new thing.  I loved tofu, Soy-joy snacks, soy milk, and protein bars.  (they have soy protein isolate in them which is what gives you so much protein)  But aside from soy based products, it is in literally everything!

I’ve found it in crackers, mayo, meatloaf seasoning, almost every salad dressing that’s not oil based, canned beans, butter, bread, margarine, peanut butter…and it goes on and on and on!  Soybean oil is in almost all of these products.  I literally have had to check every single label of anything I buy just in case now…I’ve found a rare few brands that don’t have it in them.  It’s mind boggling!

The reason why?  It has a high smoke point, it’s a “flavor enhancer” but won’t interfere with the other flavors of food.

I’ll let you decide what you want to do with soy, but I challenge you to see how many items in your pantry have soybean oil or some other product in it that begins with soy in it.



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