Endometriosis Diaries #1

So I just started the Endometriosis diet.  I hate it.  But ugh…it works.

*shakes fists at the heavens*

Know how I know it works?  I ate the diet all week and for once I didn’t have daily pain!  In fact I had basically no pain at all.  Then I ate half of a chocolate cupcake at a birthday party (because they were EVERYWHERE in my face!), and at sushi I had miso soup with a ginger salad.  So caffeine, gluten, and dairy in the cupcake.  Then it turns out that my miso soup and ginger salad both contained soy.  >.<  Didn’t even think of this until Sunday when I was roiling with pain on the couch feeling like death.  A quick google search of the miso soup and salad told me why.

baaaaaaaaaaaaaaah I wish it weren’t true because I hate this diet but it is…  *temper tantrum*

Okay so now to the purpose of my new blog segments called the Endometriosis Diaries.  I’m going to post things that fit within this diet that are tasty and delicious.  I’m also going to post things here that will help others dealing with this annoying disease.  So help me!

So far I’ve eaten a LOT of salads   Like so many…like tons of salad.  Unfortunately most of the salad dressings are a no go due to either soy bean oil or wheat.  Why a salad dressing requires wheat, I will never know.  Balsamic vinegar is a good choice, but if you don’t like it here’s a surprisingly good salad that I enjoy that has no dressing.

No Dressing Salad

Salad greens – your choice which kind
Two tablespoons of sliced green olives (they’re pretty low cal)
Half of an avocado cut up
(Any other miscellaneous veggies you want to add)

The green olives give it a lot of flavor, and the avocado makes it much more enjoyable.

I’ve started consuming rice with my dinner too, and bought a giant bag of individually separated and frozen tilapia.  Which is easily marinated.

Also, Whole Foods has some kick ass gluten free bread.  Even thought it’s 150 calories PER SLICE.  I can still have a sandwich even if its only half of one.  Except I can’t eat any mayo unless I make it myself from scratch. (back to the soybean oil)   Ooooh I hate this diet!!!!

But I want babies more than I want chocolate.  (I keep telling myself)    So I’ll get used to it.


In other news, Justin and I adopted a baby bearded dragon.  We don’t know the sex yet so his/her name is Lizby.  We refer to it as a he, and I consistently call him Lizardby.  He doesn’t like us yet which hurts my husbands feelings, and he stares at me like a creeper.  I enjoy feeding him crickets which surprises me because I despise bugs.  Actually maybe this is exactly why I like feeding him crickets.  Watching them try to evade Lizby’s grasp is quite enjoyable.   He also likes kale.  Sometimes.


He is officially the new kitty TV.  They won’t stop watching him.  Except to sleep.  I’ve decided that Sammie  would munch him in two at the first chance.  Artemis would merely yell at him.  I like when he’s sleeping.  Check out how dead he looks when he passes out on the rock at night.





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