Food and Other Drugs

I’ve often found myself wondering what the female obsession with super dieting is.  Let me begin by saying that I’m not bashing anyone that I know personally who is dieting, or anyone who is struggling with their weight.  I’m pointing out some things that I’ve noticed.

“You’re fat.  Curves are bad.  Anything above a size six is humongous.”

These are the things that I’ve been personally told, has been pounded into my brain, and has brainwashed the people I know.  These statements disgust me.

Do you know who looks beautiful here?  All three of them!

I get that people with health problems or weight related diseases need to get into shape, but if I see one more size zero say that she can’t eat a damn cookie I’m going to scream!

I’m a size 12, I have an hourglass figure, and I love sweets.  As far as weight goes, I wouldn’t mind being a size 10 but that’s as far down as I care to go.  What bothers me is that it seems like I’m the only one who’s okay with that.

I’ve never understood what gives someone else the right to decide what size is appropriate for everyone else to be.  I wouldn’t hate to be a small size and be able to fit into a tiny bikini.  I used to be able to run around half naked when I was in high school and took dance classes 14 hours a week.  After the dancing stopped the weight made its appearance, but so did my boobs.  I miss my flat stomach and rock hard abs, but I do NOT miss my barely size A cups.  I don’t want to get lower than a 10 for fear that my lovely, amazing breasts will shrink away.

Now if my doctor says that I could be at risk when I try to get pregnant or something then of course I will drop some extra weight.  But my point is that my husband loves my figure.  He always begs me not to lose weight so that he can keep his soft, cuddly wife.  Who wants to snuggle into a chest plate?  Not me.  I’m not huge, I’m curvaceous and lovely.

But apparently it doesn’t matter how I feel or how my husband (the only person who will ever see me naked) feels.  Apparently it’s up to society to decide how thin I’m supposed to be.  I’m sick of people bashing celebrities for putting on a few pounds, or monitoring their every weigh in.  I also hate seeing people who look perfectly healthy and beautiful go on crash diets that range from only eating tuna, to not eating anything with sugar in it (including fruit!)

Certainly I think you should avoid becoming this:

But eating a cookie, piece of candy, or occasional fried food shouldn’t cause so much judgment!  Do you know what happens to people who deprive themselves of these things when they’re used to eating them?   The moment that you cave in and take a bite, you become that person who ends up secretly stuffing your face with ice cream in the bathroom until you feel sick.  (I’ve actually seen this happen)

I don’t have a problem with eating healthy.  I eat a salad almost every day, and I have a very healthy breakfast every morning.  But if you bring sweets to work, or invite me to go have a burger I’m going to go out and eat a burger!  I don’t believe in depriving myself from eating the things that I want.  I eat them in moderation.

I just hate hearing girls talk about these crazy diets, sweets that aren’t actually sweets (meaning that they have artificial sweeteners or strange ingredients), or girls that will only eat half a salad because it might make them fat.

I feel that it’s also important for me to point out that if  you’re not comfortable with your appearance then it’s not a bad thing to want to change it.  But only if you’re not verging on the unhealthy kind of changes.  No barfing, no starving, no stupid insane diets that keep your body devoid of the important nutrients that it needs.

If you want a cookie, eat a damn cookie!  Just don’t eat one every hour of the day.  A slice of pie!  If you eat healthy enough and want some cake, snarf it down PLEASE!  I’m just sick of people with low self esteem depriving themselves of things that taste good because they want to be a super size zero or something below that.  Know what I think about a super size zero?  You don’t need a diet.  If you lose more weight you’ll look like a holocaust victim.

There are far more important things to worry about in this world than losing weight.  All of you are beautiful.  Even if you do have a weight problem, you’re still beautiful.  Now stop stressing and have a Twinkie before they’re all gone.


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