A Morning Person Who Hates Mornings

Yes, although it sounds hypocritical, such a thing exists.  I am a morning person…but I despise the morning.  How is this possible?

My brain is most awake in the morning.  I purposefully scheduled math classes, history classes, and any class that was hard in the morning during college.  I knew that my brain would be wide awake; ready to learn.  (Except for astronomy…  Stupid astronomy with its stupid dark classroom, air conditioning, and leaned back chairs in the stupid astronomy tower.  It was a great recipe for falling asleep.)

But, (imagine my voice as the Grinch right now) I HATE HATE HATE mornings the most!  My senile 14 year old cat Cleo decides at 5:30 am, that it is officially 6:00 and therefore I must wake up to feed her.  When I open my eyes she is less than an inch in front of my face, staring me down like an angry vulture.  Not my Cleo but something like this.

I swear, the older she gets it’s like her time clock doesn’t work anymore.  Just like an old person she gets up earlier and earlier!!!  When it is 6:00 I groggily jolt awake at the sound that can only be described as infuriating and zombie stumble into my kitchen to feed the cats, as they sing a serenade of scattered meows.

The morning is when I work on my novels, or novel related things before work, and for some reason my other two cats are opposed to this.  They decide that they’re not actually hungry anymore, and that they must both have the comfiest spot to lay in.  And that would be wherever I am, with my laptop.  On the laptop.  Or my chest.  Or my face.  Whichever is warmest.

So by the time I jump in the shower I am super cranky, wide awake, and have gotten little done.

I guess maybe I’m not really pissed at the morning per say…just pissed at my cats who are way more morning people than myself.  They out morning people me and it pisses me off!

-End rant.



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